Vomit Phobia – What Is It And Where To Get Help !

If you or a loved one suffers from the fear of vomiting phobia, help and treatment is available for you to start a new life without Emetophobia !

In this video we hear of the experiences of an Emetophobia sufferer, who has endured the fear of vomiting phobia for 20 years.

She tells her story of how it has effected her life and the coping mechanism that she has learned. The TV program was filmed in the UK, and the sound is not great but can still be heard. Just a word of warning regarding the broadcast as there are several clicks that can be heard as well as a loud, strange noise at the 7 minute 28 mark. It can make you jump if not expecting it! The video demonstrates from a fellow sufferers point of view how bad the condition can be and how she deals with the illness.

What Is Vomit Phobia ?

Vomit phobia or emetophobia as it is medically known is an acute and irrational fear of vomiting, or even if you see someone else vomiting. Also, your fear of vomiting sufferer will often have the same symptoms when they feel nauseated or even if another person is feeling sick. The symptoms of vomit phobia will also often occur when you are watching television or at the cinema and the actor is being sick or feeling sick. To the emetophobic it makes no difference that it is on screen and not real. The phobia will still arise in you whether it is for real or not.

The sight of someone vomiting in public places or on a movie screen can severely impact on the social lives of a vomit phobia sufferer. You would often avoid places and situations were there is the potential for the sight of vomit. Bars, clubs, going to fairgrounds, airplane and boat travel can all be off limits to an emetophobic. Many emetophobia sufferers will not attend doctors, hospitals or even dental surgeries as the possibility of vomiting rises in your mind.

Emetophobia Symptoms – Impact On Life Of A Sufferer

Many people have a fear of vomiting, however they are not classed as an emetophobia sufferer unless the fear of vomiting has progressed to the stage of disrupting the persons life.

As well as avoiding public places like the ones discussed, a vomit phobia sufferer will often show signs of high levels of stress and anxiety with any situation, real or imagined that could possibly induce vomiting. This can impact on your job prospects and personal goals and ambitions can be restricted also if not treated. In extreme cases, if you are a woman and emetophobic it can put you off having children due to the morning sickness associated with childbirth.

Your usual emetophobia sufferer will develop some form of food rituals whereby you will only eat specific foods, and usually only small portions that are considered safe from any side affects. This can manifest into the sufferer constantly checking food for freshness and incessant washing of food to remove dirt or germs. This could lead to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in extreme cases.

Emetophobia Treatment

Although to date there is not a vast amount of research done on emetophobia, there are several options available to you to help overcome fear of vomiting.

The first option is to consult your own doctor. They can provide you with advice and possible avenues for treatment. They can provide anti-nausea drugs which can relieve symptoms in the short term. They can also provide anti-depressants if your phobia has caused depression, which can easily happen to you as a vomit phobia sufferer. This is obviously not a long term solution to your illness as it does not get to the root of the problem at hand. Drugs of any kind will not cure the condition at this time, only relieve the symptoms that you have temporarily.

If you are an emetophobia sufferer then you may even avoid visiting your own physician as you will often have a belief that they will not understand or take your condition seriously. Thankfully, this attitude in the medical profession is very rare these days as more evidence into this illness is uncovered. Sadly though, for you the emetophobic, you will often believe that nobody can help your condition and avoid making contact, keeping your condition to yourself. This will often make the situation that you find yourself in worse as you try to avoid confronting the emetophobia illness head on.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

This therapy is a structured form of self help that the emetophobia sufferer will undertake. Their is evidence to suggest that this form of therapy is helpful to many people with emetophobia. It must be understood though that for this emetophobia treatment to be successful there will be hard work involved for the person with this illness. Also, this form of treatment can be expensive.

Overcoming Health Anxiety by David Veale and Rob Willson. This book explains in detail what CBT is all about. It also has a section on using CBT in treating emetophobia. Highly recommended reading if you are at all considering using cognitive behaviour therapy as part of your emetophobia treatment.


Hypnotherapy is another possible emetophobia treatment that you can explore. But again this form of treatment can be expensive and there is no conclusive evidence at this time to confirm if this will provide a permanent solution to emetophobia.

In this video we hear Chloe explain her emetophobia condition and how bad it became. She explains how her life has drastically improved after her hypnotherapy sessions.

Self Help – Online And Offline

Self help can involve talking to your friends and, or family members, but often this is impossible to a lot of emetophobics due to the reasons already discussed. So forums online can be a good place for you as a sufferer of this condition to get involved with as they understand and can relate to your condition and way of life with this illness. There is a link at the bottom of the page to various emetophobia and anxiety forums for you to check out.

Emetophobia Recovery System

The Emetophobia Recovery System is the only online program that I know of that is solely for the treatment of emetophobia. There are of course many anxiety related self help courses on the market that could help you. They are however not targeted to this condition and are in most cases much more expensive than the Emetophobia Recovery System.

In this course you will be given a step-by-step program to tackle the condition head on and help you to overcome your fear of vomiting permanently. Mental health professionals have tested this program and recommend its use in emetophobia treatment.

Also you can try the program RISK FREE as the course comes with a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you do not like the treatment method or even if you feel it is not helping you then simply request your money back. You do not even have to give a reason why!

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